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Laguna san Rafael





Location: Aisen, Chile
Area: 4,305,683 acres
Length of glacier: 6 mi (9 km)





Description of Laguna san Rafael

Laguna san Rafael is a region in Aisen, Chile famous for picturesque glaciers and beautiful fjords. Lagina san Rafael covers a total area of 4,305,683 acres and the longest glacier reached a length of 6 mi or 9 mi. To the north, the lagoon connects with the Moraleda channel through several gulfs and estuaries. To the south and east it borders the Isthmus of Ofqui and the peninsula of Taitao. To the south of the lagoon are the Northern Ice Fields. Laguna san Rafael is of proglacial origin, since it was formed by the retreat of the San Rafael glacier, at the head of the Northern Ice Fields. Today it is an important tourist destination: several boats sail daily from Puerto Chacabuco and Puerto Montt to the surroundings of the lagoon to contemplate the beauty of the natural environment and see the ice bergs break from the glacier.


Laguna san Rafael was discovered for the Europeans on November 21, 1674 by the explorer Bartolome Gallardo, on a trip while sailing from Chiloé to the Strait of Magellan. The Jesuit missionary José García visited local lands at the end of 1766 during a trip in search of indigenous tribes.






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