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Lauca National Park

Lauca National Park



Location: Arica-Parinacota Region  Map

Area: 1,379 km²




Description of Lauca National Park

Lauca National Park is a protected reserve in Arica-Parinacota Region of Chile. Lauca National Park covers a total area of 1,379 km². It rains summer and snows in winter. The climate is fairy dry with 280 mm of annual average precipitation and an average temperature that oscillates between 12 and 20 ° C during the day and -3 to -10 ° C at night. In 1981, the park became part of the world list of Unesco biosphere reserves. The Chilean government is studying the disaffection of part of this national park to allow mining exploitation by Codelco, Anglo American, BHP and Rio Tinto.


The relief of the park is, in general, irregular. The Parinacota volcano reach and elevation of 6342 meters above sea level; Pomerape stands at 6282 meters; Guallatiri, 6060 meters above sea level, and Acotango 6050 meters above sea level.




Sites of greater scenic beauty
The most attractive places in this park are Lake Chungará (large emerald green lake) with the snow-capped mountains of Payachatas, Tambo de Chungará (archaeological site), Parinacota (colonial indigenous architectural ensemble of the 17th century), the Cotacotani lagoons (set of interconnected waters), Chucuyo (village of adobe houses with thatched roofs), Rocky refuge and Chacus Incaico Las Cuevas (archaeological sites), Las Cuevas hot springs (waters that emerge from the bofedales at 31 ° C), Lauca river (in the vicinity of the Chapiquiña and Milagro hills) and the Parinacota bofedal.





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