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Chiloé National Park




Location: Los Lagos Region Map

Area: 431 km²




Description of Chiloé National Park

Chiloé National Park is a natural reserve in Los Lagos Region of Chile. Chiloé National Park covers a total area of 431 km². Chiloé National Park is divided into two main regions: the smallest sector, called Chepu, is in the commune of Ancud, and another portion of the protected area is called Anay in the communes of Dalcahue, Castro and Chonchi. The greater portion of the Chiloé National Park is in the foothills of the Chilean Coastal Range, known as the Piuchén Mountain Range.


For the southern sector or "Anay" there are three entrances. The first and most used is the entry by Cucao. To get here you need to follow Route CH-5 from Castro to the south to the Notuco junction, there are 24 km of asphalt road. From there, you follow a paved secondary road that leads to the town of Cucao in a stretch of 34.5 km. On the other side of the bridge over the Desaguadero or Cucao river is the main entrance, with CONAF offices, camping areas, a small museum and educational trails. The second entrance is on the other side of the Anay river; From Cucao, follow the gravel road to the Chanquin sector and then cross the Deñal beach, until you reach Huentemó, there you take a path that in its first sections contains a wooden path until you reach Quiutil beach, at the end of it is the Colecole river, which must wade and follow a two-hour path through the forest to reach the Anay river, which must also wade to arrive at the refuge which is at the end of the beach.

For the northern sector of Chiloé National Park or "Chepu" there is an entrance take off from Ancud on Route CH-5 to the south, to the Chepu River crossing, 25 km stretch of paved road. The route continues along a gravel road to Puerto Anguay, 14 km away. From Puerto Anguay, a downstream boat trip down the Chepu River is required and then continue on foot along a 14-km-long coastal main path to the Lar River, where the park ranger's house is located. The total tour lasts about 4 h.







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