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Abrolhos Marine National Park (Parque Nacional Marinho dos Abrolhos)

Abrolhos Marine National Park



Location: Bahía state   Map

Area: 50 km²




Description of Abrolhos Marine National Park


Abrolhos Marine National Park is a protected area that cover 5 islands situated in Abrolhos Archipelago, Bahía state of Brazil. It covers a total area of 50 km². Abrolhos Marine National Park was founded on April 6, 1983 as at the first Marine National Park in the country. It is administered by the Chico Mendes Institute for Biodiversity Conversation (ICMBio). Although first scientific observation of the area was carried out in 1830 by Charles Darwin who passed through Abrolhos Archipelago during his World wide trip. Five islands of the Abrolhos archipelago are volcanic in origin. Today only Siriba is open to the public. A hiking trail around the islands extends for 1,600 meters (5,200 feet).


In addition to numerous species of birds that come to these lands, Abrolhos Marine National Park is also famous for whale watching. Every years several species, most notably humpback whales, of these magnificent animals pass through these waters during their annual migration. Waters of Abrolhos Marine National Park is considered the largest breeding nursery throughout the Southwestern Atlantic Ocean.








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