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Ilha Grande National Park (Parque Nacional Marinho de Ilha Grande)





Location: border of Mato Grosso do Sul and Paraná states   Map



Description of Ilha Grande National Park

Ilha Grande National Park is a protected area situate on the border of Mato Grosso do Sul and Paraná states in Brazil. Created by federal law No. 12,829 of June 20, 2013, it is formed by a small archipelago 6.2 miles from the coast, in front of Praia de Leste, in the municipality of Pontal do Paraná.

It consists of three small islands and some nearby reefs covering an area of 1359.69 hectares. The islands have no beach, they are made up only of rock and stone formations. More than 8 thousand birds live on these islands, as well as fish, which shelter on the reefs near the islands. Besides the ecological importance, the archipelago is widely used by small fishermen of the coast of Paraná, being one of the main fishing poles of the state.










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