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Serra do Itajaí National Park

Serra do Itajaí National Park







Description of Serra do Itajaí National Park

Location: Santa Catarina  Map

Area: 57374 ha

Tel. 55 (47) 3326-1527/ 3329-5887



Serra do Itajaí National Park is a natural reserve in Santa Catarina state in South Brazil. Serra do Itajaí National Park covers an area of 57374 ha that is mostly covered by Atlantic rain forest. It was established in 2004 to protect basin of Itajaí river.






Serra do Itajaí was created by Federal Decree, issued by the Presidency of the Republic on June 4, 2004 and published in the Federal Official Gazette on June 7, 2004, with an area of ​​57 374 ha. The Federal Decree of February 20, 2006 revised the park boundaries. The park administration is currently the responsibility of the Chico Mendes Institute for Biodiversity Conservation (ICMBio).

Area Characterization
The Serra do Itajaí National Park (Serra do Itajaí PARNA) is located entirely in the Itajaí Valley, in Santa Catarina, covering an area of ​​57 374 ha of Atlantic Forest, distributed in nine municipalities: Blumenau, with 17.32%. Indaial, with 32.30% of the area, Apiúna, with 17.50% of the area, Ascurra, with 0.09% of the area, Presidente Nereu, with 8.55% of the area, Vidal Ramos, with 2, 13% of the area, Botuverá, with 10.86% of the area, Guabiruba, with 9.11% of the area, and Gaspar, with 2.12% of the area.

The Spitzkopf hill is an integral part of the conservation unit, such as the "Integral Protection Conservation Unit", which allows public use, as the federal government until 2017 has not compensated landowners for the elevation; even access to the summit is by way of payment to the private company that operates the hill.

It is bordered to the south by the Itajaí-mirim river, the municipalities of Botuverá, Presidente Nereu and Vidal Ramos, with recess in the communities Lageado Alto and Lageado Baixo, in the municipality of Botuverá; to the west with the rivers Neise and Jundiá, in the municipality of Apiúna; to the east with the Siberia mountain range in the municipalities of Gaspar and Guabiruba; and to the north with the Encano stream, in the municipality of Indaial, with a recess in the Nova Russia community, in the municipality of Blumenau.

Serra do Itajaí PARNA is located in the Itajaí river basin, located in the northeastern portion of the state of Santa Catarina. Serra do Itajaí PARNA encompasses an important area of ​​the basin, as it houses the springs of the main streams that supply the nine municipalities in which it is inserted.

The Serra do Itajaí PARNA encompasses an area representative of the Atlantic Forest biome, encompassing dense submontane ombrophilous forest formations, montana alto montana. Serra do Itajaí PARNA represents 0.05% of the original total area of ​​the Atlantic Forest biome in Brazil and 0.55% of the remaining area of ​​the Atlantic Forest. It is one of the three major forest fragments still in Santa Catarina, geographically located between the Serra do Tabuleiro state park in the south and the Dona Francisca mountain range in the north. The Serra do Itajaí PARNA area represents 2.5% of the remnants of the Santa Catarina Atlantic Forest, and is the second largest integral nature conservation unit in southern Brazil.




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