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Tipasa Archaeological Site (تيبازة‎)

Tipasa Archaeological Site (تيبازة‎)



Location: Tipaza Province Map




Description of Tipasa Archaeological Site


Situated on the coast of the Mediterranean Sea Tipasa Archaeological Site was originally found by the Phoenicians as a trade post in the North Africa. It became known as one of the most important cities in the region. Tipasa ancient ruins are located on the Mediterranean coast about 70 km from the city of Algiers. It was found by Phoenician settlers who established several colonies in the North Africa. Roman Emperor Claudius turned it into a colony in the first century AD. It grew further under the rule of the Roman Empire. During early Christian period Romans built Great Basilica, Basilica of Saint Salsa and Basilica of Alexander. Great Basilica is probably the most significant and most interesting among Christian churches of Tipasa. Great Basilica contains a large burial ground underneath its floor cut into the solid rock. One of these graves has circular shape with a diameter of 19m. Remains of 24 early Christians were discovered here.


Additionally Tipasa had an beautiful public baths, amphitheater as well as two cemeteries. The city was abandoned in the 5th century then Vandals from Europe invaded the region from Spain. Tipasa was abandoned and resettled only centuries later. The ancient ruins were left largely undisturbed and hence in a fairly descent condition. Ancient city of Tipasa was included in the UNESCO World Heritage List in 1982.












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