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New Mosque (Djemaa el- Djedid) (Algiers)

 New Mosque (Djemaa el- Djedid) (Algiers)



Place des Martyrs




Description of New Mosque (Djemaa el- Djedid)

New Mosque of Algiers is commonly known as Djemaa el- Djedid or Jamaa el- Jedid is one of the oldest and largest mosque in Algiers. New Mosque was constructed in 1660 at the time of Ottoman Empire. Its architects combined several architectural styles including traditional Byzantine, Italian, Turkish and Andalusian. New Mosque of Algiers was constructed in an octagonal shape with four doors on all four sides. Columns of the New Mosque are made from solid marble. These are parts that remained from the original mosque. Its capitols were taken from various Christian Byzantine basilicas, those ruins are commonly found in the vicinity of Algiers.









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