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Quicama National Park (Parque Nacional da Kissama)

Quicama National Park



Location: 70 km from Luanda     Map

Area: 9,960 km²




Description of Quicama National Park


Quicama National Park is about 70 km from country's capital of Luanda and covers approximately 9,960 km² in North- west Angola. It protects an area of wetlands along with grasslands that is full of large animals. Quicama National Park was originally found as a game reserve in 1938 under Portuguese authorities with subsequent transfer to a status of a national park in 1957. After the Civil War the park is still devastated by the hostile actions in the regions. It is unclear how many buffalo, rhinos and elephants are left in the park since many of them were killed by humans. It is also unclear of level of hostility that is present among tribes dwelling in the nature reserve. It is not advisable to venture into park by yourself without guide or any representative of the local authority. The park is covered by open savanna with impressive baobab trees, dense forests as well as flood plains around Cuanza river.










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