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Cave of Swimmers

Cave of Swimmers






Description of Cave of Swimmers

Cave of Swimmers

The Cave of Swimmers is situated in the South- Western part of Egypt on the border with Libya on Gilf Kebir plateau. Cave of Swimmers was re- discovered in October 1933 by Hungarian explorer László Almásy this example of rock painting date back 12,000 years ago to the time of Ice Age. Unlike today the climate in the region at the time was much milder and richer in wild animals available for hunting. It could be possible that the figures depicted on the cliffs of a small cave might actually be depicting swimming since there were a lot rivers and small lakes spread out on the plateau. Almásy devoted a chapter in his book: "Unknown Sahara" and instantly the rock became famous for its own good. Due to seclusion of the site there is no way to stop or prevent vandalism from tourists. Some went as far as washing the surface of the cave with wet clothes to get a better picture, because it lasts longer. This barbarism in combination with rough local climate led to appearance of multiple crevices in the rock of Cave of Swimmers. To add insult to the injury some tourists added graffiti to the prehistoric art.
If you curious why do you have a feeling you saw Cave of Swimmers somewhere, the chances are you did. It's copy made by modern artists was portrayed in the movie: "The English Patient"









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