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Dahshur Archaeological Site





Location: 40 km South of Cairo Map


Open: 8am- 4pm Oct- Apr

8am- 5pm May- Sep

8am- 3pm during Ramadan




Description of Dahshur Archaeological Site

 Dahshur Archaeological Site is an ancient archeological site located 40 km South of Cairo in Egypt. The unique architecture of pyramids presented here made this site an UNESCO World Heritage Site. The most notable structures of the site is Bent (South) Pyramid and Red (North) Pyramid that were constructed during rule of Sneferu of the 4th dynasty. These magnificent tombs are easily accessed by roads. You have to take in consideration that hiking around a desert carries its dangers. Take plenty of water with you, cover your head and take plenty of sun screen if you don't want to burn under unforgiving Saqqara sun.
Bent Pyramid is considered to be the first true pyramid in the ancient Egypt constructed by Sneferu (father of Khufu) in 2613- 2589 BC. This impressive structure became a traditional way to bury the royals during the period of the Old Kingdom. Most of its interior was preserved by the dry and hot climate of the desert. The walls of the structure have an angle of 55 degrees from usual 60 degrees. It was changed to accommodate cracks that appeared in the structure of the building during its construction.
Red Pyramid derives its name from a color of the brick that covers its smooth, perfect side. It is the first classic Egyptian pyramid constructed in the land. This will become the model for construction of all other great tombs that were erected in the ancient Egypt. Other pyramids include pyramid of king Amenemhat II, Amenemhat III, Sesostris III and many others. Wives of historic rulers are also buried here alongside their spouses, but in much more modest structures.










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