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Location: 5 km (3 mi) Southwest of Qena, Qena Governorate   Map

Open: 6am- 4pm daily

Dendera Archaeological Site

Dendera Archaeological Site







Description of Dendera Archaeological Site

Dendera Archaeological Site is ancient Egyptian archeological site situated 5 km (3 mi) Southwest of Qena, Qena Governorate in Egypt. This enormous temple complex covers a total area of 40,000 square meters. The first religious structure was constructed here by pharaoh Pepi I in the middle of the 23rd century, however little remains from the time period. Some of the best preserved buildings on the site actually date back to the Greek and Roman times.
One of the most famous reliefs originally found here is a relief of a Dendera zodiac that contained images from astrology and pagan religions. A sketch of the beautiful depiction was made by the French archeologists during Napoleonic campaigns in Egypt in the late 18th century. Unfortunately the relief itself was removed in 1820 and moved to Louvre museum in France. Dandera zodiac date back to the first century BC when the land was ruled by the Greek dynasty of Ptolmeic family.










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