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Ras Muhammad National Park

Ras Muhammad National Park




Location: Sinai Peninsula    Map




Description of Ras Muhammad National Park


Ras Muhammad National Park that is located off the shores of Sinai peninsula was designed in 1983. It was the first national marine park of Egypt. Ras Muhammad National Park is most famous for its incredible reefs with numerous species of corals, sponges, lush vegetation and colourful fishes such as stingrays, seahorses, barracuda. Schools of beautiful anthias are particularly impressive. Ras Muhammad National Park is one of the best dives sites for its natural beauty as well as remains of human activity. British transport ship  SS Thistlegorm was sunk off the coast of Africa on 6 October 1941 in the turbulent years of World War II. Its tanks, motorcycles and navy guns draw many fans of underwater exploration. The land part of this Egyptian National Park is inhabited by many wild mountain goats, gazelles and many species of birds that nest here in the mango groves. A tourist center at the entrance of the park would be a good starting point to get information about the park, buy maps, rent diving equipment or book a tour on a boat.







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