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Location: Map

Height: 45 meters

Blue Nile Falls

Blue Nile Falls







Description of the Blue Nile Falls

Blue Nile Falls is a natural formation situated on the Blue Nile River in Northern Ethiopia. It flows 19 miles (30 km) down the stream of Bahir Dar and lake Tana. Blue Nile Falls reach a height of 150 feet (45 meters). During the dry season it is barely trickling while at the height of rainy season it swells to a width of 400 meters. About this time it also takes reddish color from the soil that the water erode from the basin of the Nile River. It is locally known as Tis Abay (in Amharic language) or "smoking water". You can rent a boat to visit Blue Nile Falls from the river. Try to get here around Sunday or local holiday.
Hydroelectric station was constructed on the shores of the river and most of the water gets diverted for its purposes (80% of total load). However during weekends and holidays the plants shuts down and Blue Nile Falls get all the water it naturally gets. If you do it you will pass first stone bridge that was ever constructed in Ethiopia. It was built in 1626 on the orders of Emperor Susenyos and under supervision of Afonso Mendes, the Catholic Patriarch of Ethiopia. Since he was from Portugal the bridge is locally known as the Portuguese Bridge.











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