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Description of Gondar Archeological Site

Gondar is a historic town and a former old imperial capital in a Amhara Region of Ethiopia. Gondar was found as a capital by Emperor Fasilides in 1635. He constructed Fasilides Castle that served both as a palace and a stronghold for the royal court. It lost its prominent place after Tewodros II moved his Imperial capital to Magadala in 1855. It was damaged pretty badly by several subsequent invasions in the late 19th century including that of Abdallahi ibn Muhammad, Sudanese and many others. During World War II these region was captured by the Italians and subsequent attempt of the British to defeat the Axis forces in the region led to long partisan campaign by the Italian troops. So don't be surprised to see physical artifacts of European conflict found around city. Occasionally you can see locals sell empty bullet casing, helmets and other military memorabilia. You can get here by air from Addis (Ethiopian capital), Axum, Bahir Dar and Lalibela. Additionally you can get here by bus, but it is a long drive.









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