Lake Magadi

Lake Magadi

Location: Rift Valley Map

Area: 100 km²


Lake Magadi is situated in the Kenyan Rift Valley in Kenya. Lake Magadi covers an area of 100 km². It is famous for a large population of pink flamingos that nest here in great numbers.


Magadi is a closed salt lake in Kenya. The name of the lake comes from the word "salty" in the Masai language.

It is located in the East African fault zone among volcanic rocks from which hot salty springs flow. At the bottom of the lake, a layer of throne is formed chemically in places up to 40 m thick, which has been produced by Magadi Soda Company, a potash and salt producer, for more than 80 years. The dried parts of the lake basin are covered with layers of pure rock salt.

Flora and fauna
The lake is home to many birds: flamingos, pelicans, herons, Nile geese and screaming eagles. The only fish species Alcolapia grahami lives in the hot, highly alkaline water of this lake. The lake is also one of the main habitats of the red-banded zuik (Charadrius pallidus).