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Location: 160 km (100 mi) North of Nairobi    Map

Area: Park- 188 km²

Lake- 5- 45 km²

Tel. 051 2217 151

Open: 6am- 7pm daily

Lake Nakuru National Park

Lake Nakuru National Park







Lake Nakuru National Park is a nature reserve situated 160 km (100 mi) North of Nairobi in Kenya. The name of the lake literally means "Dust or Dusty Place". It varies dramatically through the year and in wet season attracts thousands of flamingos that feed on algae in the lake. Land area of the park covers an area of 188 km² and Lake Nakuru area varies between 5 and 45 km² depending time of the year.



The water in the lake is salty. The lake is home to six species of phytoplankton. Among them stands out the tiny blue-green alga Arthrospira platensis, which lives in large quantities here. The abundance of algae in the lake attracts a huge number of flamingos.

The area also has many other bird species. Of the mammals, there are African warthogs, baboons, black and white rhinos.

The water level in the lake fell sharply in the early 1990s, but has since been largely restored.

The word "Nakuru" in the Masai language means "dust" or "dusty place." National Park "Lake Nakuru" near the city of Nakuru was created in 1961. At first, it included only the territory of the famous lake and the adjacent mountainous areas, but now it is spread over a significant part of the savannah.

Lake Nakuru is protected by the Ramsar Convention on Wetlands.




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