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Location: 140 km (87 mi) South of Nairobi    Map

Nguruman Escarpment

Nguruman Escarpment











Nguruman Escarpment is situated 140 km (87 mi) South of Nairobi in Kenya. Escarpment is a term that describes geologic formation of a long cliff that forms when two level plates move pass one another. It forms the Western wall of the Great Rift Valley. Nguruman Escarpment is roughly 50 kilometres in length (32 miles) and extends in the North- West direction all the way to the border with Tanzania.





The land around the Nguruman Escarpment is different, and the lower cover is very steep to the east. The highest point is about 2,171 meters and 5.0 km west of the Nguruman Escarpment. There are about 21 people per square kilometer around the Nguruman Escarpment relatively small population. The forest around the Nguruman Escarpment is almost covered with grass . In the region around the Nguruman Escarpment, flats are remarkably common.

The average temperature 23 ° C . The warmest month is February, at 26 ° C , and the warmest May, at 18 ° C. The average rainfall 838 millimeter per year. The first month was April, at 212 millimeters of rain, and the last July, at 6 millimeters.