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Location: Shimoni   Map

Shimoni Slave Caves

Shimoni Slave Caves








Description of Shimoni Slave Caves

Shimoni Slave Caves

Shimoni Slave Caves are situated near Shimoni in South eastern Kenya on the border with Tanzania. It was an important port city on the shore of the Indian Ocean. Many slaves were taken away from their homes and brought to Shimoni Slave Caves. It was a hidden part of this important harbor city. People could be "stored" here like common goods. Additionally it was easy to control them and prevent any escapes. Shimoni Slave Caves was a massive natural underground area where slaves were kept right before being shipped away. Some of them were chained to the walls. These shackles are still visible in various parts of the underground prison. From here they were sent to slave ships and carried away to distant ships. Shimoni Slaves Caves were used until 19th century when slave trade was outlawed by international treaties.











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