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Location: Fianarantsoa Province   Map

Area: 41,600 hectares (161 square miles)

Ranomafana National Park

Ranomafana National Park








Description of Ranomafana National Park

Ranomafana National Park lies in the Fianarantsoa Province of Madagascar. Ranomafana National Park covers 41,600 hectares (161 square miles). Ranumafana National Park is located in the southeast of Madagascar in the province of Fianarantsoa. The national park is known for its waterfalls and hot springs, as well as the variety of primates and birds. It was founded in 1991. Together with other national parks, Madagascar has been part of the UNESCO World Heritage Site since 2007.

The national park is densely covered with rain forests. Thanks to the evergreen rainforests, a wide variety of plants such as orchids, tree ferns and mosses thrive here. The park is home to a total of twelve species of lemurs and 118 species of birds, 68 of which are endangered by Madagascar.




The park is an important example of cloud forest, with very high levels of biodiversity.

There are a number of lemur species, including:

Peyrieras's woolly lemur, Avahi peyrierasi
Aye-aye, Daubentonia madagascariensis
Crossley's dwarf lemur, Cheirogaleus crossleyi
Sibree's dwarf lemur, Cheirogaleus sibreei
Greater bamboo lemur, Prolemur simus
Golden bamboo lemur, Hapalemur aureus
Ranomafana grey bamboo lemur, Hapalemur griseus ranomafanensis
Red-bellied lemur, Eulemur rubriventer
Red-fronted brown lemur, Eulemur rufifrons
Small-toothed sportive lemur, Lepilemur microdon.
Southern black and white ruffed lemur, Varecia variegata editorum
Red mouse lemur, Microcebus rufus
Milne-Edwards's sifaka Propithecus edwardsi


In 2012, singer Jerry Marcoss participated in a campaign initiated by the US State Department in Madagascar to promote conservation and ecotourism in Ranomafana National Park.




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