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Area: 33,800 hectares

Souss-Massa National Park

Souss-Massa National Park







Description of Souss- Massa National Park

Souss-Massa National Park is located in the South- west Morocco. Souss-Massa National Park covers an area of 33,800 hectares. Souss- Massa National Park is a nature preserve that covers 33,800 hectares of untouches bioreserve on the Atlantic coast of Morocco. It was recently created in 1991.




The park occupies 33,800 hectares on the edge of the Atlantic Ocean, south of Agadir and north of Aglou, in Tiznit province. Its territory is divided between this province, those of Inezgane-Aït Melloul, Chtouka-Aït Baha and Agadir Ida-Outanane Prefecture.

The park is the lower part of the Suz valley, a large triangular watershed extending between the High Atlas and Anti-Atlas Mountains and the Atlantic Ocean. The surface of the area is undulating and the Suz and Massa rivers form shallow valleys that flow into a relatively straight coast.

The land is mostly of Quaternary sedimentary origin, with live or fixed dunes, sandstones and alluvial deposits with limestone crust outcrops at various points in the park.

Due to upstream dams, the flow of both rivers is generally low, which means that the amount of sand brought by the sea is greater than the river's ability to clear the mouth, so there is a tendency for the formation of coastal bars. , which in the case of Massa form a lagoon without communication with the sea. When heavy rains occur, there is a growing need to alleviate the dams, which is why the coastal bar breaks, as occurred in 1996 and 2010.

The coast is steep, except for some beaches, mainly to the north, between the mouths of the rivers. In these areas there are coastal dune cords, which are sometimes artificially fixed by planting plant species.