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Location: 70 kilometres from Marrakech  Map


Area: 380 sq km

Toubkal National Park

Toubkal National Park






Desription of Toubkal National Park

Toubkal National Park is situated 70 kilometres from Marrakech in Western Morocco. Toubkal National Park covers an area of 380 sq km. Toubkal National Park is a national park that protects a vast areas in the High Atlas mountain range. It is located 70 kilometers from Marrakesh in Central Western Morocco. Toubkal National Park was established in 1942 to protect an area with exceptional biodiversity dominated by forests of oak and cedar. Today it covers a total area of 380 square kilometers. The highest peak within this biosphere reserve is Jbel Toubkal Mount or simply Toubkal Mount with a total elevation of 4,167 meters above sea level.


It has a particular climate of great diversity. We find bioclimatic areas from the middle semi-arid to the high mountain bioclimate, through the lower humidity of the fresh type (according to Emberger). Snow plays a very important role in this park.


There are about 16 mammal species living in the National Park, including mane-jumper, cuvier gazelle, Barbary macaque, common porcupine, striped hyena and atlas. In former times also Berber leopards and Berber lions were resident here; however, both are considered extinct (in the wild).

Once home to the Berber lions, this national park could perhaps become its new home. Descendants of various lions are examined by DNA for their descent. The most promising candidates should then be sent to a breeding program. The final phase will ultimately see a release in a National Park in the High Atlas.









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