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Location: KwaZulu-Natal Province  Map

Height: 3107 feet (947 m)

When: Jun- Sept

Tugela Falls

Tugela Falls






Description of the Tugela Falls

Tugela Falls are situated in the Dragon's Mountains in the Royal Natal National Park in KwaZulu-Natal Province of South Africa. Tugela Falls is a second largest waterfall in the World after Angel Falls in Venezuela. The best time to visit this magnificent natural wonder is between June and September.


Tugela falls in a narrow ribbon from the eastern cliff of the Dragon Mountains, in the Royal Natal National Park, Kwazulu-Natal Province, South Africa. It is clearly visible after heavy rain or at the end of the day, shining from the reflection of the Sun. The source of the Tugela River is located in Mont-Aux-Sources a few kilometers from the cliff from which the waterfall falls. The water above the waterfall is clean and safe to drink. The cliff is often covered with snow in the winter months.

Two paths lead to the waterfall. One mountain hiking trail to the top of Mount-Aux-Sources begins at the parking lot in Witsieshoek, from where there is a relatively short climb to the top along the path and further along two suspension bridges. Another trail begins at the Royal Natal National Park. A seven-kilometer climb along the gorge meanders through the local forest, then a jump through boulders and a small suspension bridge will lead to the foot of the Tugela Falls.








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