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Angel Falls

Angel Falls




Location: Auyantepui plateau, Bolivar state   Map




Description of the Angel Falls

Angel Falls is located on Auyantepui plateau in Bolivar state of Venezuela. Angel Falls is the highest waterfall in the World that drops from the height of 3212 feet (989 m) down. This majestic creation of nature was discovered by Westerners only in 1933 after American pilot Jimmy Angel accidentally crashed his plane in the jungle. Apparently while the plane was falling down pilot had enough composure to take a look around and notice a beautiful waterfall that was falling from the plateau. Fortunately for Jimmy he lived to tell his finding that only locals knew calling the waterfall Kerepakupai Meru.
Today Angel waterfall is part of the Canaima National Park that covers over 11,700 sq miles of jungles, waterfalls and wide variety of animals and plants. You can view the waterfall from below or from a rented airplane. Advantage of taking plane is that you get to see more since water turns into a thick mist than it reaches the ground obstructing the view from below. The closeness of circles to the actual Angel waterfall the airplanes takes usually depend on the tips you promise to the pilot. Some daredevils choose a more drastic view by paragliding or base jumping of the actual cliff. Although it is doubtful how much of an actual view you will be able to see on the way down.







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