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Location: Kaabong District  Map

Area: 1,442 sq km (557 sq mi)

Kidepo Valley National Park

Kidepo Valley National Park







Description of Kidepo Valley National Park


Kidepo Valley National Park is a large biosphere preserve in the Kaabong District in the Central Uganda. Kidepo Valley National Park covers a total area of 1,442 square kilometers (557 sq mi). Kidepo Valley National Park is a large expanse of savannah covering 1,442 sq km (557 sq mi) along border of Uganda and Sudan. Although much of the protected reserve is flat it does have several peaks including Mount Morungole with an elevation of 2,750 meters (9,020 feet) above sea level. Two river of Kidepo and Narus feet many game that frequent the area. They tend to swell during the rainy season (March- May) and shrink significantly during dry months of the year.


Kidepo Valley National Park was designated as a natural park in 1962. Over next several decades the area of the protected reserve was increased. Today it houses about 77 species of mammals and around 475 species of birds. This area of Uganda is significantly under populated and this isolation saved the animals from complete decimation by the poaches and hunters. The best way to visit Kidepo Valley National Park is by taking a car on a safari and explore the park from the safety of vehicles. Valleys of Narus and Kidepo rivers are the best places to see large number of wild game as they are only permanent sources of water for the animals here.











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