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Gyantse Castle

Gyantse Castle



Location: Gyantse, Xigazê Prefecture  Map

Constructed: 1268




Description of Gyantse Castle

Gyantse Castle or Gyantse Fortress or Gyantse Dzong is a medieval citadel situated in Gyantse, Xigazê Prefecture in China. It was constructed in 1268 by a Sakyapa sect (one of many Buddhist schools) in the beginning of the Nyang Qu river. This strategic location guarded a Southern pass of the Tsangpo Valley and Lhasa. The entrance to the compound is on the Eastern side. Current citadel was constructed on a site of an older 9th century fortifications constructed by anti- Buddhist king Langdharma. Its name literally means "the peak of victory". Prince Phakpa Pelzangpo (1318- 1370) erected a Grand Palace Gyantse in 1365 and his son Kungpa Phakpa (1357- 1412) added new fortification walls. Gyantse Castle harbors an "anti- British" museum devoted to British invasion of 1903- 04. Their assault took lives of 1000 Tibetans who defended the citadel. In fact this the citadel gained a title of "hero city" by Chinese government. Gyantse was also attacked by the Chinese troops in 1967 during the Cultural Revolution, but current Communist party prefers to ignore this historic fact.











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