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Huangshan Mountain

Huangshan Mountain




Location: Anhui province  Map




Description of Huangshan Mountain


Huangshan Mountain are located in the Eastern China in Anhui province. Huangshan Mountain started their unique formation 100 million years ago. Crust was lifted by tectonic upheavals experienced glacier erosion of later ages. The result was 60 sq miles (154 sq km) of beauty found nowhere else. Seventy seven peaks reach high of over 3280 feet (1000 m). The highest peak is Lian Hua Feng that roughly translates as Lotus Flower Peak. It reaches a height of 6114 feet (1864 m). Many other peaks have exotic names not necessarily reflecting the shape of the mountain, but rather with the poems or impression it leaves in the people, thus we get peaks with names like Monkey watching the Sea, Squirrel jumping into Heavenly Capital, Rooster crowing at Dawn and many others. There are a lot of legends associated with this place. If you met friendly locals they might tell you all about it.


Buddha’s light

A fairly common occurrence in the Huangshan mountains is an optical effect that is called Buddha’s light. It occurs at the highest peaks of the range around the cover of the clouds. Sun light reflects from the water droplets and created illusion that the shadow of the person in the clouds is surrounded by a halo. Those who cast this kind of shadow is said to be on a path toward enlightenment. This usually occurs once a twice a month.









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