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Jiayuguan Castle

Jiayuguan Castle




Location: Jiayuguan, Gansu  Map

Area: 33,500 sq km

Entrance Fee: 120 yuan (60 yuan for students)




Description of Jiayuguan Castle

Jiayuguan Castle or Jiayuguan Fort is a medieval castle situated in Jiayuguan, Gansu in China. This trapezoid shaped fortress was constructed to guard a strategic Jiayuguan pass in the 14th century. The total length of the wall reached a height of 11 meters and 733 meters long encompassing an area of 33,500 sq km. The fortress has two gates on the East and West sides. North and South sides are connected to the Great Wall.


Historians believe that construction of such impressive feat of engineering was forced by Timur or Tamerlane (famous Turkic ruler) invasion directed against Ming dynasty in 1372. Far Western end of the wall needed strengthening so the fortress was situated here. A local legend claims that Chinese officials asked an architect for a number of bricks required to construct an impressive fort. He responded by estimating the number to be around 99,999. Once the official showed doubt in such a low number, a man added one more brick. Upon completion of Jiayuguan Fortress only one brick remained unused. It was placed as a bonus on the castle gate.












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