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Ming Dynasty Tombs

Ming Dynasty Tombs




Location: 30 mi (45 km) Northwest of Bejing   Map

Subway: Xizhi Men then take Bus 845

Tel. (010) 8976 1554

Open: 8am- 5pm daily




Description of Ming Dynasty Tombs

The Ming dynasty tombs are a group of historic mausoleums built by the emperors of the Ming dynasty of China. The first Ming emperor's burials is located near ancient Chinese capital Nanjing. However, the majority of the Ming tombs were built in a group near Beijing. They are collectively known as the Thirteen Tombs of the Ming Dynasty.


Thirteen Tombs of the Ming Dynasty are located 30 mi (45 km) Northwest of Bejing in China. The site was chosen by Emperor Yongle (1402- 24) of the Ming Dynasty (1368- 1644) in the Tianshou Mountain using principles of feng shui. Apparently he used the same logic when he moved his capital from Nanjing to modern Chinese capital of Beijing. Here he constructed a mausoleum and thirteen subsequent emperors of his family were buried here. After the death of a last emperor of this dynasty Chongzhen, who committed suicide by hanging in 25th of April 1644, the Ming Dynasty ended. The Royal cemetery of the Ming dynasty was ransacked and badly damaged by the troops of Li Zicheng who briefly established his Shun Dynasty. However real challenges came during Cultural Revolution in 1966. At the time of this dramatic social change only one of the tombs was properly excavated. The burial belonged to Emperor Dingling and his wife. Chinese government established a museum in honor of the emperor with all his possessions displayed here. However Chinese Red Guard stormed the museum, destroyed many of the historic artifacts and even "executed" the bodies of the medieval rulers. Much of what you see today is a mere replica of the things that were destroyed by the vandals.






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