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Summer Palace

Summer Palace




Location: 6 mi (10 km) Northwest of Bejing

Tel. (010) 6288 1144

Subway Xizhi Men than take Bus 32

Open: 8:30am- 5 pm daily




Description of the Summer Palace

Summer Palace is situated 6 mi (10 km) Northwest of Bejing.  The complex of Summer palace contains spacious park, residential buildings, temples and many pavilions that lie on the shores of the artificial lake. Once you pass through the main gate of the park you get to the pavilion Zhenshoudyan that served as a residence for Chinese Empress Dowager Cixi and her son Guangxu. Summer Palace also includes Mount Vanshoushan that occupies about a quarter of the park, Kunming Lake created to imitate Xihu Lake in Hangzhou.


The creation of the Garden of Clean Ripples began in 1750 on the orders of Emperor Qianlong from the arrangement of the man-made lake of Kunming (the prototype - Dianchi). From the dug during the construction of the lake, the Longevity Hill was erected, on the top of which several Buddhist temples were built. Along the coast is the Long Corridor, entered in the Guinness Book of Records as "the longest in the world painted corridor". It measures at 728 meters. Whe walls are covered by about 8 thousand paintings. Around there are bronze figures of dragons and lions - symbols of imperial power. Here on the shore is the famous Marble Rook, where Empress Cixi liked to dine. The park of the Summer palace was repeatedly rebuilt, its total area is about 290 hectares. Located in the north of the park, Wanshou Mountain ("Longevity Mountain") occupies a quarter of this area, and the Kunmingu Lake, lying to the south of the mountain, is about three quarters.







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