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Great Wall

Great Wall



Visit places:

  • Jiayu Guam

  • Badaling & Juyong Guan

  • Mutianyu & Huanghua Cheng

  • Simatai

  • Shanhaiguan




Description of the Great Wall of China

The Great Wall is one of the true wonder of the World and the most recognizable symbol of China. Construction of the Great Wall began in the 7th century BC. Emperor Qin Shi Huang united several forts and portions of the wall into one continuous system of defenses against hostile nomadic tribes from the North. The total length of the wall with all its branches reached a length of over 5,000 km. Chinese emperors did not make it easy for their people. The wall with many towers and fortresses were constructed on the steepest hills that provided the best strategic defensive point for the military garrisons. The average height of the wall is about 8 meters with a width of 6 meters. Towers that are dispersed along the length of the Great Wall provided safety for the Chinese soldiers. Besides military purposes the towers also served as a platforms for signal fires. At the closest approach of the enemy the signals would warn the imperial army in Beijing to prepare the country for defense.


One of the earliest references to the myth of the appearance of the wall from the moon is contained in a letter from 1754 by the English antiquary William Stueckley. Stueckley wrote: "This huge wall of eighty miles in length (we are talking about Adrian's Wall) is surpassed only by the Wall of China, which takes up as much space on the globe as it can be seen from the moon." This myth was exposed more than once, but has not yet been eradicated from popular culture. The maximum width of the wall is 9.1 meters, and it is about the same color as the land on which it is located.








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