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Location: western Mumbai, Maharashtra state   Map

Kanheri Caves

Kanheri Caves






Kanheri Caves is a large Buddhist religious complex cut into a basalt. It is situated within borders of Sanjay Gandhi National Park on the western outskirts of Mumbai city in Maharashtra State in India.





Well preserved thanks to the jungle that hid it, the Kanheri cave complex carved in basalt is located 42 km from the city of Mumbai and is surrounded by the Borivali National Park. It has 109 caves created in the period of II century. BC e. - IX century n e., connected by carved from stone step spans. The most important of them is the Cave No. 3 of the VI century, the latest known example of the Hinayana prayer hall - the tea-party.

Other important caves:

the so-called Durbar Hall with statues of Buddhist monks
Cave No. 34 - cell with a painted ceiling depicting a Buddha
Cave number 41, where, among other sculptures, there is a twelve-headed sculpture of Avalokiteshvara;
Cave No. 67 is an extensive cell with a statue on the veranda and an image of the “miracle” of Buddha in Shravasti.
Excavations in Kanheri discovered a number of sculptures, as well as monuments of Brahmi writing. The find of stone-carved texts on Brahmi shed significant light on the language of India in ancient times. Other important details are ancient architectural structures preserved in details, furnishings, including ascetic stone beds, water tanks (with gutters over residential buildings, to collect rainwater).