Baluran National Park

Baluran National Park

Location: East Java Map

Area: 250 km²


Baluran National Park is a nature reserve in East Java island in Indonesia. Baluran National Park covers an total area of 250 km². The park presents the natural complex of the acacia savannah, mangroves, tropical volcanic steppes with rare vegetation are located around the volcano. In addition, in the reserve there is a lake containing sulfur.

The flora of this reserve is represented by a large number of cereals, for example, Alang-Alang. Also, the flora includes umbrella white acacia, various types of prickly blackberries and creepers, tamarind, coral tree, Unabi tree, as well as various palm trees.

The park is the owner of 26 species of mammals and 155 species of birds. The fauna of the reserve includes a large number of carnivorous mammals such as mongoose, palm civet, leopard, marten, red wolf, as well as wild bull-banteng and many different species of monkeys.

Among the birds of this reserve, one can distinguish a striped Streptopelia, a rhinoceros bird, a large number of parrots, wild hens, Javanese peacock and many others. Common reptiles are netted and dark snakes, Russell's viper, cobra, and brown boiga.