Karimunjawa National Park

Karimunjawa National Park

Location: Karimunjawa Islands Map

Area: 110,117 ha


Karimunjawa National Park is a biosphere reserve protecting jungles and coral reefs of Karimunjawa Islands in Indonesia. Karimunjawa National Park covers a total area of 110,117 ha. The Karimunjawa National Park is a national park marine located in Karimunjawa Islands , located in the region of Central Java 80 kilometers from Jepara in the Java Sea . It was created in 2001.

The park is also a tourist attraction for its white sand beaches, coral reefs, mountain hiking trails, Sunan Nyamplungan Cemetery pilgrimage and the culture and traditions of the Karimunjawa community.

Many researchers have been drawn to biodiversity and primary forests of the Karimunjawa Islands. During the period of the Dutch East Indies , many Dutch botanists went there to study among which Teijsmann (in 1854), Koorders (in 1886), Schlechter (in 1910) and Dammerman (in 1926).

Karimunjawa hosts five types of ecosystems: coral reef , seagrass and kelp , mangrove forest, coastal forest and rainforest. Fresh water is found in small wells and forest streams.

Karimunjawa National Park is one of six marine parks in Indonesia .

It is divided into four areas:
sanctuary area ( 1,299 hectares): this is an area on the islands of Burung and Geleang where sampling is prohibited; research activities are allowed;
wilderness area ( 7,801 hectares): research is permitted and tourist activity within certain limits; it includes Krakal Besar, Kecil Kecil, Menyawakan, Cemara Besar, Cemara Kecil, Bengkoang and part of Karimunjawa and Kemujan Islands;
area of ​​use ( 4,431 hectares): includes Menjangan Besar, Menjangan Kecil, Kembang, Kembar, Karang Katang, Karang Kapal, Parang, Karimunjawa and Kemujan;
buffer zone ( 98,093.5 hectares): includes Karimunjawa, Kemujan, Parang and Nyamuk; these islands are uninhabited.