Kutai National Park

Kutai National Park

Location: East Kalimantan Map

Area: 1,986 km² (767 mi²)


Kutai National Park or commonly abbreviated as TNK is a national park located in the East Kutai Regency and a small part of the City of Bontang which has a total land area of ​​198,629 ha. The KNP management office or hall is located in Bontang City. However, as the 2000s entered, the KNP area began to be encroached upon by residents to become settlements and plantation land so that the KNP area that was still truly original might be far below the 198,629 ha of land in the late 1990s.

This area was originally as a Forest Supply with an area of ​​2,000,000 ha based on the Decree (SK) of the Dutch East Indies Government (GB) Number: 3843 / AZ / 1934, which was later determined by the Government of the Kingdom of Kutai to become a Kutai Wildlife Reserve through SK (ZB) Number : 80/22-ZB / 1936 with an area of ​​306,000 ha.

Based on the classification of Schmidt and Ferguson, Kutai TN has a type B climate with a Q value ranging from 14.3% - 33.3%. The average annual rainfall for the year is 1543.6 mm or an average of 128.6 m with an average rainy day of a year 66.4 days or a monthly average of 5.5 days. The average temperature is 26 o C (ranging from 21-34 degrees Celsius) with a relative humidity of 67% - 9% and an average normal wind speed of 2-4 knots / hour (Tourism Site Plan of Kutai National Park, 1995). The rivers that flow in and around Kutai NP include: Sangatta River, Banu Muda River, Sesayap River, Sangkima River, Kandolo River, Selimpus River, Teluk Pandan River, Palakan River, Menamang Kanan River, Menamang Kiri River, Tawan River , Melawan River and Santan River