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Location: 32 mi (51 km) Northeast of Shiraz, Fars province     Map

Constructed: 515 BC by Cyrus the Great

Destroyed: 330 BC by Alexander the Great









Description of Persepolis

Persepolis is a former Persian palace situated 32 mi (51 km) Northeast of Shiraz, Fars province in Iran. Ruins of the former palace of Persepolis are still impressive despite years of negligence and abandonment. The palace construction started in 515 BC by Cyrus the Great who started a Persian Empire. Persepolis was the heart of the empire. However all was laid to rest in 330 BC by Alexander the Great. Famous Greek leader stormed the armies of king Darius III wiping them out in a series of battles. Greek soldiers finally captured the capital of the Persian Empire and started probably World's greatest party. Alexander the Great seeing debauchery and lack of discipline decided to torch the king's palace with all of its riches. The historians claim that this was the revenge for burning of Athens by Persian king Xerxes just a century before that.




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