Capernaum (Hebrew: כפר נחום) is a small settlement on the shores of the Sea of Galilee. It is most famous for being mentioned in the New Testament and important events that happened in the life of Jesus Christ and his apostles.


Location: Route 87, 12 km (7.5 mi) North of Tiberias Map

Inhabited: 150 BC- AD 750

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Description of Capernaum

In Capernaum, Jesus healed the servant of the centurion.  This Roman official was credited with building the synagogue (Luke 7:3)

In this synagogue, Jesus gave sermon on the bread of life (John 6:35-59)

Leaving Nazareth he went and lived in Capernaum (Matt 4:13)


Capernaum (Hebrew: כפר נחום) situated on the northern shores of the Sea of Galilee was inhabited from the second century BC till 8th century AD. Capernaum is a Greek pronunciation of "Kfar Nahum" that means "Nahum's village" in Hebrew. With population of 1500 at its height this settlement could barely be considered a town, however it became known as a setting for early preaching of Jesus Christ. Capernaum is also said to be a hometown of future apostles: fishermen Simon Peter and Andrew, James and John and Matthew Levy, the tax collector. Today the ruins are divided between the Franciscans and Greek Orthodox Church. Capernaum has no military fortifications for defense of its residence. The primary sources of food were the gardens that grew around the settlement as well as fishing in the Sea of Galilee.

The Synagogue

Capernaum synagogue occasionally referred to as the White Synagogue was build in 4th- 5th century AD on a site of the former temple from the first century AD. The walls of the Synagogue from the time of Jesus Christ are preserved to the height of 3-6 feet. The western wall of the building is almost entirely preserved from the time of the apostles. Parts of the original synagogue are still visible. Inscriptions in Greek and Aramaic that commemorate the benefactor of the construction are also readable. Many archaeologists believe that this building was the place where Jesus Christ visited and preached.


House of Peter

This is probably most venerated building in Capernaum. Franciscans call it sacra insula or “holy insula”. House of Peter was names so due to first century graffiti found on the site. A Christian house church from the 4th century and later 5th century octagonal Byzantine church were constructed on the site in commemoration of the apostle. Since evidence of house veneration date to the middle of the first century and apostle Peter was beheaded in 64 AD it is logical to assume that the house was probably served once as a residence of the famous apostle.


Fishing boat

Discovered in 1986 a fishing boat that was sunk in the mud of Sea of Galilee date back to first century AD. It is in remarkable state of preservation so many jumped to conclusion that it belonged to one of the apostles. However, it is impossible to prove or disprove it either way. It belongs to the time period then Jesus lived, but whether it belonged to one of the disciples or their neighbours is unknown. It is certain however that the design and overall appearance was commonly used in the region and the boats described in the New Testament looked something like that. The boat is kept near by in the kibbutz Ginosar.