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Herodium is located 7 miles south of the Jerusalem in the West Bank. It is an ambitious project that was started by king Herod the Great in the 20 BC.




Location: 12 km (7.5 mi) South of Jerusalem Map




Description of Herodium Castle Palace


Herodium castle- palace is situated on a hill with complex of a lower palace and a pool at the feet of the hill. At the death of Herod it became its mausoleum. Despite descriptions of many historians including Josephus Flavius, the tomb was not discovered until May 8, 2007 then professor of Hebrew University Ehud Netzer located the gravesite halfway up the hill. The Herodium consists of two circular walls with three semicircular towers and one main circular observation circular tower. The interior also had baths, cruciform hall, synagogue and a courtyard with columns around its perimeter. Water from underground cisterns provided security in case of a siege. However it did not prevent the castle from falling in the hands Lucilius Bassus and his X Fretensis  on their way to Masada in 71 AD. During Second Revolt that broke out in 132 AD under leadership of Simeon Bar Kokhba many underground passages were dug in the hill. Remains of the burned wood is still visible on the floor of these passages. During Byzantine period monastery was found here, but abandoned in the 7th century.






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