Alexander Hospice (Jerusalem)

Alexander Hospice is an important site of the Russian Orthodox church was constructed in 1859 to house sick Eastern Orthodox pilgrims. During reconstruction in the 19th century parts of the layers were removed. Workers accidentally stumbled upon remains of the Herodian city walls and a Judgment Gate.



Souk el- Dabbagha, Jerusalem

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This was the city limits of Jerusalem in the time of Jesus Christ. He undoubtedly passed through this gate on his path to Golgotha. Here people condemned to death were stopped. The guards could ask the surrounding people for the fate of the criminal. It was possible to save his life if a man of 18 years and above would ask for forgiveness of the fugitive. Since all apostles left the side of their teacher and Saint John was probably too young to legally voice his request Jesus passed the gate without much delay. All the women who stayed with Jesus couldn't save him since they had no right of voice in these matters. Along with a Judgment Gate there was a smaller gate known as a Eye of the Needle Gate. At the sunset the main door was closed and a smaller gate was the only way to get inside the city. It is possible that this was the actual Eye of the Needle that the Jesus mentioned when he said: "Again I tell you, it is easier for a camel to go through the eye of a needle than for a rich man to enter the kingdom of God" Matthew 19:23- 24. Additionally there are remains of the Roman Forum that was constructed here in the 2nd century AD by emperor Hadrian after the Jews were expelled from a city as a punishment for their rebellion.