The Burnt House (Jerusalem)

The Burnt House Jerusalem

The Burned House is a Jewish homestead that was destroyed by the invading Roman army during Jewish revolt of 70 AD.




Location: Jerusalem


Josephus Flavius, War VI 8 5:

"... set fire to the houses whither the Jews were fled, and burnt every soul in them, and laid waste a great many of the rest


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As Josephus Flavius notes in his historic work much of the ancient city of Jerusalem was laid to waste. At the same time it gave us a rare chance to witness the lives of common people since their lives and their physical surroundings got covered by subsequent archaeological layers. The house contained kitchen, several rooms and a Mikvah. Furthermore many coins were found on the site. Some date to the time of the Roman rule, while others were issued by the rebels. An interesting detail in the house was a finding of a stone weight that is just 4 inches (about 10 cm) in diameter. In contained Hebrew inscription of "Bar Kathros" or "Son of Kathros". So it is logical to assume that the house belonged to the Kathros family. According to the story found in Talmud written centuries later this family was a religious family with a position of priesthood held by its members. However they abused it and eventually lost this honour.