The Garden Tomb (aka Gordon's Calvary) (Jerusalem)

The Garden Tomb (aka Gordon's Calvary) (Jerusalem)

The Garden Tomb is located just outside of the Damascus Gate. Many protestants believe that this is a true spot of crucifixion and burial of Jesus Christ. It was "discovered" by General Major Charles George Gordon. He believed that the shape of a mountain in the outskirts of the Old City reminded of human skull. Existence of the tomb in the base of the cliff made his conviction more compelling.



Conrad Schick Street, not far from Damascus Gate, Jerusalem

Tel. (02) 627 2745

Bus: 1, 3

Open: 2- 5:30pm Mon- Thu


Description of the Garden Tomb

However certain facts don't quiet add up. For once the location of the tomb is too far from a city walls. Crucifixion was quiet grotesque and violent death that was intended to teach Roman citizen and subjects alike that the law of the Empire should not be broken. Killing someone this far from a city made little sense. Secondly the tomb that was called "The Tomb of Jesus" existed several centuries before the birth of Christ since the times of King David. Thus it wasn't exactly "new" as the New Testament claims it was. And lastly there is absolutely no oral tradition that associate this place with the events described in the Bible. Nevertheless it is a nice place surrounded by a garden. It is a nice hideout from a busy city.