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Nebi Musa

Nebi Musa



Location: 10 km (6 mi) South of Jericho    Map




Description of Nebi Musa

Nebi Musa is ancient religious complex situated 10 km (6 mi) South of Jericho in West Bank, Israel. Arabs consider this to be the burial place of Moses who saw the Promised land, but was not allowed to enter it. Nebi Musa or Prophet Moses in Arabic is a religious site situated in teh Judean Desert. According to an Arab tradition this is the site of the final resting place of prophet Moses who said to have died on the border of the Holy Land. God allowed him to see the Promised Land, but he wouldn't be allowed to step in it. In 1269 the Mamluk sultan Baibars al- Bunduqdari ordered construction of a small shrine marking the location. In addition to the main building ruler ordered construction of hostels for pilgrims as well as hospice for the sick. Present architectural appearance was formed between 1470 and 1480. Little have changed since then. Nebi Musa was restored in 1830 by the orders of the Ottoman Turks, but this project merely restored the site to its original appearance.





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