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Megiddo Aerial View

Mount Megiddo was inhabited since the ancient times and during its long period saw many cultures come and go. It was a site of many battles and conflicts.




Location: Route 66, 35 km (22 mi) South- East of Haifa  Map

Tel. (04) 659 0316

Open: 8am- 4pm daily

Winter: 8am- 3pm daily




Description of Mount Megiddo


Mount Megiddo saw many battles and much blood have been spilled here. However the truly epic battle is still to come according to the Book of Revelation, part of the New Testament of the Bible. This first example of religious sci- fi genre was written in Greek by Saint John during his exile. This book describes a future final battle between Good and Evil at the foot  of mount Megiddo or Ar Megiddo in Greek (αρμαγεδδων). This is where we get the word "Armageddon".


he mount Megiddo was inhabited since the Chalcolithic period and has approximately 26 levels of settlements dating from 7000 BC to 500 BC. Due to its strategic location proximity of the city saw numerous battles. From the battle with Egyptian pharaoh Thutmose III in the 15th century to World War I battle of Megiddo between British and Ottoman armies it saw more bloodshed than any other single location.


Water system









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