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Hamat Tiberias


The city of Tiberias is located on the Western side of the sea of Galilee. The area was known to be a location of healing hot springs and beautiful landscapes. It is no surprise that the son of Herod the Great, Herod Antipas chose this place for finding a city here in 20 AD. The name given was that of his protector, Roman empire Tiberius.




Location: Map

Archeological Garden

Rehov ha- Banim




History of Tiberias

According to Josephas Flavius the city was found in 20 AD by Herod Antipas. Several spas were erected similar to that of other parts of Roman empire. Besides the city became the official residence of Antipas. He built magnificent palace, amphitheatre and surrounded the city with walls. A synagogue was also build here for the Jews that used by the rebels during the First Rebellion as a conference hall. However population of Jews before the rebellion inside the city was insignificant. The site of the Tiberias was found on the former grave site. All this changed after 70 AD. Many refugees leave Jerusalem and move here for safety. In a short span of time 13 synagogues are build here and first Talmud was compiled here.


The Southern Wall
Byzantine emperor Justinian I (527- 565 AD) built these city walls for defence against raiders. Remains of city gates also have remained.

Crusader’s fortification
After the First Crusade captured the lands on the Western shore of the sea of Galilee they started building walls of their own castle to defend it against the Saracens. Their Citadels are still visible.


The Synagogue
Judging by archaeological digs there were several synagogues build here, one on top of the other from the first century till the 8th century AD. The mosaic floor that is well preserved here belong to the time of the Severus emperors that ruled Roman empire from 193 to 235 AD. Mosaic depicts among other things doors of the Jerusalem Temple, Zodiac and probably Jehovah or a Sun God similar to the findings at Beit Alpha synagogue which is peculiar if it is true. This particular synagogue was destroyed in the 5th century.






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