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King Abdullah I Mosque (Amman)

King Abdullah I Mosque (Amman)

King Abdullah I Mosque in Amman is one of the most striking architectural and cultural attractions of the Jordanian capital. It was constructed in 1982- 89 so it is a fairly new addition to the city skyline. It is the only active mosque in Amman that welcomes visitors non- Muslims.




Location: Sulayman an Nabullsi




Description of King Abdullah I Mosque in Amman

King Abdullah I Mosque is crowned by a massive dome that measures 35 meters in diameter. Arabic letters that cover its surface are quotes from Quran, holy Muslim book. Blue color of the dome symbolizes the heaven, while golden line represent rays of sun light illuminating the 99 names of Allah ("God" in Arabic).


Luxurious interior of the King Abdullah I Mosque is lighten by a large crystal chandelier with Koranic inscriptions. A smaller building to the right of the main building is a women's section designed for 500 women. King Abdullah I Mosque houses a small Islamic Museum with a collection of artifacts of ceramic sculptures, photographs and personal belongs of King Abdullah I. Additionally there is a modest collection of Islamic art, coins and stone engravings.