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Abu Darwish Mosque (Amman)

 Abu Darwish Mosque (Amman)

Abu Darwish Mosque sits on top of one of seven hills of Amman. It was built in 1961 by the orders of King Hussein of Jordan.



Location: Al Taj, Amman





Description of Abu Darwish Mosque in Amman

Abu Darwish Mosque (Amman)

Abu Darwish Mosque is easily recognizable by unique alternating layers of black and white stones. A large dome is crowing the main octagonal building. Abu Darwish Mosque main hall can house over 7,000 Muslims. Its walls and ceiling are covered by magnificent floral decorations. A tall minaret (tower) is located at the South- East corner of the building. In the upper tier of the pavilion there is a small museum dedicated to history of Abu Darwish Mosque and Islam in general. It is widely believed to be most beautiful mosque in Amman.








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