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Ammonite Watch Tower (Amman)

Ammonite Watch Tower (Amman)

Ammonite Watch Tower Rujm Al-Malfouf was built by the ammonites in the seventh century BC. It is one of the few surviving buildings constructed before Hellenistic period in Amman. Most of Amman of that period is gone. Even Ammonites disappeared as a unique nationality, yet the tower still stands today.



Location: Al Shareef Hussein, Amman




Description of Ammonite Watch Tower in Amman

Ammonite Watch Tower

Ammonite Watch Tower is a circular structure built from rough hewn stone blocks. The purpose of this military structure is somewhat unclear. It has no connection to walls or other military structures that would protect the settlement. So it is highly unlikely that Ammonite Tower could protect anyone by the thickness of its walls alone. Some suggested that it served as a watch tower to warn residents of Amman against possible approach of Israeli army to the walls of Rabbath- Ammon (ancient name of Amman). Other archeologists suggested that so called Ammonite Watch Tower had no military use. In fact they theorized that it wasn't even a watch tower to begin with. Instead it was a granary to keep and preserve grains for the whole city. Today Ammonite Watch Tower stands in the historical part of Amman surrounded by ruins of an ancient city.








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