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Jordan Archaeological Museum (Amman)

 Jordan Archaeological Museum (Amman)

Jordan Archaeological Museum was built in 1951 near an Amman Citadel. The Museum presents a collection of artifacts that were discovered during archaeological digs in Amman and around it. Time period that is covered by these foundlings date from the Paleolithic and to the late Medieval Period.



Location: Amman Citadel, Amman




Description of Jordan Archaeological Museum

Collection of Jordan Archaeological Museum includes mosaics, ceramics, glass, metal objects, statues and a large coin collection from various places. Amman stood at the crossroad between Far East and the Mediterranean so it is no surprise that artifacts from many parts of the Old World.



Some of the most important items in the collection of Amman Jordan Archaeological Museum are ancient scrolls that were found around the Dead Sea area by the Bedouins that still live here. Many of these works were written in Aramaic, a nearly extinct language, which Jesus Christ once spoke. Another interesting series of artifacts are plaster statues of Ain Ghazal that date back to the Paleolithic era, perhaps the oldest sculptural portraits of people who lived in the area 6,000- 8,000 years ago.








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