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Byzantine Basilica (Amman)

 Byzantine Basilica (Amman)

The Byzantine Basilica is a Christian church that was constructed in the 5th- 6th century AD during rule of Byzantine Emperors. During early Medieval period Byzantine Basilica was the main temple in the city.




Location: Amman Citadel,  Amman




Description of Byzantine Basilica

Its name "Basilica" might sound large and impressive, but in reality it is a fairly small church that could house just several dozens of parishioners at a time. However, even its ruins give an impression of a majestic building that once stood on this spot. Its nave is flanked by two rows of Corinthian columns. Some of these columns and fell and broke, but during archeological digs several marble drums were returned to their original location along with Corinthians tops that supported the central dome of the basilica. Amman was captured by the Muslim forces in the 7th century AD and kept the city. It was around this time when Byzantine Basilica was abandoned as Christians were forced to leave or convert to Islam. Some of its stone were used in the construction of latter structures.