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Currency Museum (Amman)


Currency Museum is organized and hosted by a Central Bank of Jordan. It is dedicated to a history of currency and trade that played important role in a history of Amman. Currency Museum holds a collection of over 2000 various coins that date as early as a first millennia BC.




Location: Central Bank of Jordan, King Hussein Street, Amman

Official site






Description of Currency Museum in Amman


During Hellenistic period Amman was part of Decapolis, ten major Greek culture dominated cities in the Eastern Mediterranean. Naturally it was an important site for trading and exchange. Countless number of caravans passed through Amman. Some of them lost coins that were later found by archeologists and locals. It created unique map of coins from around the known world that included Asia, Europe and Africa. Currency Museum holds a collection of Greek, Roman, Byzantine, Sassanid and many other coins that were discovered in Amman or its vicinity.








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